Dads Gaming

One of the unexpected joys of being a ‘forced’ stay at home dad has been the amount of time one obviously has to spend with your child but also the number of times other parent’s knowing that you are at home, will ask you to look after their children too. Now I’ve mentioned this is … More Dads Gaming

Summer Vacations

So, summer has finally arrived and after our return, my daughter, partner and myself from a week away, I discovered scribbled on the wall calendar a week penciled in by my daughter’s mother. ‘Wow’, I thought. This is the second vacation or trips away in as many years that ‘Miss Jean Brodie’ aka daughter’s mother, … More Summer Vacations

School’s Out

Well, it’s finally happened: School’s out. It’s over. My daughter has finished her final exam and now all one can do is wait.  Six weeks of purgatory as we wait to read what grades she has achieved and if they will be suffice to get her to her chosen university.  My heart goes out to … More School’s Out

End of an era

Today is truly the end of an era. After 14 years or thereabouts, this morning I prepared my daughter’s packed lunch for the very last time as she readied herself for her last day of school, before embarking on her study leave in preparation for her final exams. I cannot work out how many times … More End of an era

Anxious times

Time is passing and exams are fast approaching in preparation, hopefully, for life at university. This is for me like all families, an anxious time as we watch our children go through the mill revising, testing, studying and freaking out almost on a daily basis. Worse still, there is little if anything one can do … More Anxious times

Flying the nest

You know how it is, your child is fast approaching 18 and with it, the realisation that before long, your child will be flying the nest for pastures new, hopefully at university. In all honesty, I’m not dealing with this eventuality all that well. I feel as though my world is about to collapse and my … More Flying the nest