A little about me

I should  have written and posted years ago, but never actually got around to it, so here, better late than never is my first blog.

I shall refrain from going into too much personal detail for obvious reasons, but i hope that my experiences resonate with other father’s out there who are in a similar situation. I know I’m not the only one, but its time to write it down and if nothing else, just to let off some steam!

First, the basics: I’m a middle-aged dad of a teenage daughter, who has been sharing the family home since her birth. Its my home: I thought I was doing the decent thing all those years ago by accepting my responsibility for the  fathering of my child.  Years later, I feel as though I have been compromised and used. Lets call it what it is/was: entrapment.

However, my daughter has always been the love of my life. I couldn’t imagine life without her. My pride and joy and after all these years, I am now watching her turn into a woman- all too quickly for my liking. Where have the years gone? The fact of the matter is, I have more or less raised my daughter on my own. The mother, who has lived in a separate room in the same house, has continued with her career, whilst I have been forced to curtail mine and try my best to work around my daughter’s nursery years, infants, junior and now secondary schooling.

Apart from the first two years, we have never had a family holiday. In fact, the mother has onAly once taken her daughter away on a proper holiday on her own. Its always been down to me to take my child away for a couple of weeks break, visiting cousins, family, friends abroad etc.  You might expect my daughter to be an introverted, problematic child suffering all the usual symptoms of a dis-functional family. Not so: she is very bright, great sense of humour, yes, a little shy perhaps, but not too bad and possibly takes after her father in that respect!

My daughter has witnessed me with other partners, although over the years there have only been a couple and i believe understands the score about ‘our family’ life….


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