white lies

Had another one of those mixed bank holiday weekends, with the weather not being up to much, there wasn’t much to do outside so time was spent indoors doing all the usual things one does around the house.

This is of course, didn’t hamper my daughter’s mother from disappearing all weekend to the town centre for goodness knows what. Just how much time can any one person spend in a town centre. Unless of course, she isn’t really going to town but somewhere else: if only!

For a laugh, I decided for the brief spell that she was at the house, that i would time how long she would sit with her daughter on the sofa, thinking she would last 15-20 minutes watching her daughter play on a video game. I was wrong, she lasted a mere 11 minutes, before getting up and deciding it was time to go out to the shops again. Only this time, just as she was about to leave, my mother came around. Several years ago, this would not have mattered as she would have carried on and gone out. However, ever since I had a relationship with another woman, things have changed.

The mother of my daughter proclaimed very early on that she ‘didn’t do small talk’ and with that virtually ignored my parents for almost two years. However, whilst I was away with my then new partner, there was a complete turnaround.  Suddenly, my parents found her turning up on their doorstep: just popping in to have a coffee, or to collect ‘our’ daughter, something she had never done before. Coincidence? Nah, neither I or my parents bought it for a minute. This was a woman who suddenly felt threatened by another woman and wanted to make sure he was in my parent’s good books.

And this is how it has continued. each time I have manage to find a new partner: there have been three up until now, there is a markedly different behavioral pattern from my daughter’s mother.  The other problem anyone in an estranged ‘relationship’ who lives in the same house has to endure, are the pretenses one makes in front of certain friends, such as the parents of my daughter’s school friends. Its very difficult to have to attend a dinner party as a ‘couple’ when in reality you would rather be there on your own. Worse still, are the constant white lies one has to make in order to keep up appearances. But at what point does one say: enough is enough?



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