A little bit of Balance

In case anyone reading this blog thought this was just a means of brow bashing and a one sided affair, I thought for balance, I would highlight a positive virtue in the mother of my daughter, although to be fair, there aren’t that many!

I can safely say that one area where my daughter does not suffer any lack of attention when it comes to her mother is when it has to do with her education. Her mother, a university graduate from quite a well-to-do establishment, knows everything there is to know about the school curriculum and all matters related. I believe she may have even studied it at uni’.

When it comes to reading, doing homework and all subjects regarding education her mother is right there. Apart from physically taking and collecting from school that is, unless its the first or last day of term, then she will take time off to make sure she is present and of course parent’s evenings. Have to keep up appearances I guess. Life at home I would suggest is more akin to living with Miss Jean Brodie than Mother Hen…not sure that’s a great simile but you get my drift.

My daughter’s mother is something of a bookworm and I believe enjoys the learning process and so too my daughter which is obviously a great thing.  To highlight this point, the house has more books than the school library and they have both learnt to play the piano. No mean feat I hear you cry, I would counter only to say, its nice to have been able to find the time to read all those books and learn to play the piano!

To immerse yourself in academia is fine when you are a child and in your formative years but in adulthood it can get in the way of reality and the real world out there. This has manifested itself when it comes to formulating an opinion and then expressing it in public and usually at my expense. When in the company of mutual friends, for instance: if the conversation would stray to the housing market for instance or renting out properties, (something I know a lot about through investments) my views would immediately be challenged in front of everyone else. This if nothing else, is just bad manners but worse still, these aren’t even life-based experiences but opinions based upon whatever will have been read somewhere during the past few months.

I doubt there is anyone who actually likes to be told how to suck eggs, but that is exactly what goes on here and done so in such a convincing manner – after all, she does a great deal of public speaking, so knows how to project herself in the best possible light. It is convincing enough for others not to question but I alone know that these opinions are not those she has actually experienced but read in last week’s newspaper or the such like.

Having an opinion is a good thing, having an opinion on something you know nothing about first hand is less so, especially when the other person is actively engaged in that particular subject. So, you have to ask, is this just for appearances or a deliberate attempt to undermine and belittle you?


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