I’m not tired

“I’m not tired!” How many times have we heard that before? More to the point, how many times have we uttered those infamous words when we teenagers? Too many times that’s how many. Now, its our turn to listen to those three little words and know exactly how our parents must have felt all those … More I’m not tired

Back to normal

You know, the whole purpose for writing here is so that I can document and share my experiences as a father, who is in the unenviable position of having to live with his daughter’s mother or face the reality of losing my child should I opt for a separation. Nearly everyone, in fact everyone, has … More Back to normal

Back to School

So, finally school has reopened and the little blighters are off and out from under my feet. The last day of the summer holiday was spent looking after not only my own daughter but the children of my friends as well…five in total! Lunch in the garden, off to the park, followed by a master-class … More Back to School