Back to School

So, finally school has reopened and the little blighters are off and out from under my feet. The last day of the summer holiday was spent looking after not only my own daughter but the children of my friends as well…five in total!

Lunch in the garden, off to the park, followed by a master-class in home baking. That kept them busy and fed for most of the day. Truly an exhausting day but very satisfying having all the children together one last time before they start another new school year, how the years fly past.

As per usual, at the start of the new year we are treated to exceptional behaviour by the mother. This time, we actually witnessed her being awake by seven am – not a regular occurrence I can assure you. Even more surprising but not really was the attempt to join my daughter and I at the breakfast table, only she miss-timed it and we had just about finished eating by the time she had sat down.

This, as we all know, is a one off. Its never happened before and it probably won’t ever happen again. Tomorrow will be another day and will revert to the norm… I may be wrong, but I believe this is the first time she has not accompanied her to school on the first day back, just to show her face as if to say; ‘look, I am a good mother, I do exist and I do look after my daughter…honest.’

However, my daughter may be just a little too old now to be taken to school by one of her parents and prefers instead to go along with her school friends. I must confess, I miss the good old days when I would cycle her to school, waving to her school friends and teachers along the way. Sadly, those days are now just memories, but on a fine sunny morning you do hanker for those times.


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