I’m not tired

I’m not tired!” How many times have we heard that before? More to the point, how many times have we uttered those infamous words when we teenagers? Too many times that’s how many.

Now, its our turn to listen to those three little words and know exactly how our parents must have felt all those years ago. How did they get me to go to bed? It was never by force that is for sure. Verbal abuse also didn’t come into it either, so they must have used another tactic, one which for the life of me I cannot and could not remember in my hour of need.

It didn’t help that the mother was for some reason blaming me for my daughter’s behaviour. Standing there in the kitchen arms folded waiting for something to happen. Although I’m not exactly certain what she was waiting for?

Did she expect me to beat my daughter? Perhaps scream and shout or throw a hissy fit. I’m just not sure what I was supposed to do. Other than reason with my daughter and explain in a calm but firm way that she really should get changed into her pyjamas, go to bed and try to go to sleep, there isn’t an awful lot one can do without blowing a fuse.

However, I found myself getting more angry with the mother just standing there in the kitchen with smirk across her face whilst pretending to be busy fiddling with something else. Perhaps she wanted to engage in dialogue? Now, that is something I’m really not prepared to do. After all, she didn’t get home until 9.45 whilst I’ve had to entertain my daughter since she got home from school at 3.30 not to mention cook and do the washing up etc….

So, whilst the mother is supposedly working until late; maybe she is, maybe she isn’t, that doesn’t really bother me, I’m the one who has to instil discipline and make sure the child is in bed in good time. Maybe, its because she doesn’t want to engage with her other than to wish her a goodnight, anything more than that might take up too much of her television viewing time?

Apparently the mother cannot grasp the concept of why someone would react negatively to an instruction they do not wish to undertake: in this case, getting ready for bed. Maybe the mother skipped her teenage years and never dithered, stalled, played for time when she was asked to do something she didn’t want to do.

I don’t know but considering my daughter is usually very independent about such things and indeed, was in bed by 9pm the night before, I hardly think I need to bring in a counsellor for a rebellious teenager just yet!

The mother is cleary disturbed by this outlandish behaviour but I put this down to a mother who has no parenting skills whatsoever and understands children even less.


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