It’s all a charade

I have said it before and I will say it again for clarity: ‘It’s all a charade’. Life in my household is a serene one albeit smothered in a thick veneer of pretence.

The latest incarnation is when my partner of four years – who has her own place – comes and stays the night or a couple of days and we then have to endure this ritual of make-believe.

Yesterday was a case in point, when the house awoke and preparations were underway to get my daughter ready for school. Uncharacteristically, the mother actually got up and was pottering around at seven am, why?

This usually only ever happens when my partner or friends are staying over. There has to be this perception that she is fully engaged in the morning’s activities. I already had the farcical attempt to join my daughter and I at the breakfast table on the first day of school: that lasted just the one day before normality was resumed and so it was today as I prepared my daughter’s breakfast and packed lunch, the mother was nowhere to be seen.

Of course not, there was no one there to observe her. She didn’t have to put on a front, which I fear may have misguided so many people for so many years. I just wonder what these ‘friends’ would think if they knew what was really going on.

What would they say if they knew they had been misled all these years? I can’t say they have been lied to as the mother is very astute in never revealing too much, always skirting around a direct question responding in opaque generality.

For example: her place of work. I know she no longer works for the same firm she once did when I first met her all those years ago. She doesn’t know that I know, but I do. I also know why she no longer works there, which is systematic of her character as she was released for taking credit for someone else’s work.

Yet, she still gives the impression that she is still employed by this firm, without ever actually naming them. All of our mutual friends believe this is the case, I’m not certain if her own friends actually know the truth but it is not inconceivable that she is deceiving them too.

To be fair, she does work with her old firm from time to time, which helps to maintain the charade, but I believe this to be on a voluntary basis, as this would give her CV a favourable outlook as well.

But this morning it was back to normal and she remained in bed until my daughter was virtually out of the front door, getting up just in time to see her off like the good mummy she is!


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