Keeping up appearances

<How long can anyone keep a deception going on for without being discovered, more to the point, how long does the perpetrator believe they can continue keeping up appearances and the charade without being discovered? This week I discovered the mother of my child has changed jobs, not that she told me, nor would I expect her to, but I made the discovery by chance when I noticed an opened package which she had recieved at her place of work. It was a new address and a different company to the last place I knew she worked at.

Up until now, she has been temping for the past several years since being ‘released’ from her original employer, but for all I know, this mayy well be just another temp job, who knows? What i do know is that keeping up appearances is much hardeer than thinks. Not that it matters at the end of the day, but it does remind me that she continues to decieve those around us.

Tonight I have to attend aschool parent’s evening and of course, she is making the effort to turn up. Its good that she can be bothered but I wonder for whose benefit? The meeting is scheduled for 5.30pm which would be tight for anyone working normal office hours, but considering she is rarely if ever home before 9pm I do wonder how she is going to manage it.

I doubt she works a 12 hour day everyday during the week, so it does beg the question where is she for the rest of the day? As I have mentioned here before, any normal parent would want to spend some time with their children but not in this case it would appear.

And yet, when it comes to a third party involvement, she suddenly finds or makes the time and effort. As far as the school must be concerned, she is the ideal mum, always there on the important dates, attends all the meetings, fills out all the report cards and letters and so forth: she’s just never with her daughter at home.

Its all about keeping up appeances.


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