Happy Birthday

  It was my daughter’s birthday last week and as usual it brings mixed blessings. Terrific to celebrate another year whilst acknowledging that the once tiny bundle that you used to cradle on one arm is now almost as tall as you are…how depressing.   This year was slightly a break from the norm. The … More Happy Birthday

Trouble at Mill

Another difficult weekend at home and trouble at mill, with the mother of my child demonstrating her displeasure of having my partner staying over and hogging the conversation over the kitchen table on Friday night with a mutual friend. Some would say, quite right. What did you expect? I would argue: she can always leave…alone and … More Trouble at Mill

Food, Glorious Food

Food, glorious food is still on the agenda and never more so than in my household. Fast food is the scourge of today’s society and in particular our children. Whose responsibility is it to nurture and educate the young if not the parents, who must take a lion share of the blame for our poor … More Food, Glorious Food

Sign of the Times

I guess it’s a sign of the times we now live in when our children are being churned out from school resembling automatons taught only how to pass exams and precious little else. Last week, I attended my daughter’s school exam awareness programme. It was in effect, an outline of what the school expects my … More Sign of the Times