Happy Birthday


It was my daughter’s birthday last week and as usual it brings mixed blessings. Terrific to celebrate another year whilst acknowledging that the once tiny bundle that you used to cradle on one arm is now almost as tall as you are…how depressing.


This year was slightly a break from the norm. The mother would on such occasions absolutely go to town buying so many presents it would put Hamleys to shame…obviously a guilt thing, this time  however, there wasn’t the usual abundance of gifts much to my relief. Could be as a result of finances or the lack of work or a bit of both, who knows?


It is thankfully, more or less done and dusted. Spent the Saturday with the birthday girl up in town at some bizarre comic convention which she really enjoyed. So, you would have thought upon our return the mother would want to spend time with her daughter: wrong, she immediately decided it wastime  to go out shopping?


It never ceases to amaze me. She had all day to go out but chose instead to leave the house as soon as we returned home. The mother was gone a further four hours by which time my partner had arrived and we cooked supper, thankfully, the mother who knew I was preparing dinner, decided to eat some cold cuts before I had managed to finish cooking and declined joining us.


No doubt this was because she was irked by my partner’s presence, well, that’s just too bad. The only time she makes any effort is obviously when we have guests over, then its all hands to the pump, can’t do enough…I have to wonder how gullible does she think people are?


Oh well, only the official birthday party to go, that too will be full of fantasy and insincerity. It will be another day of putting on an act for the purpose of trying to impress. Stomach churning.


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