You’re a God

My daughter’s birthday was a huge triumph with everyone entering into the spirit of things and coming in fancy dress, thankfully I was spared this honour as I was relegated to the kitchen, where I am usually found.

The highlight of the day was in fact twofold: firstly when I presented my daughter with her birthday cake; a rather large 3D Sonic the hedgehog that took a mere six back-breaking hours to create – never again – and secondly and rather out of the blue, one of my daughter’s friends upon learning that I had done all the food on my own uttered: “you’re a God” !

Well, knock me down with a tail feather. How often does a teenager ever say that? I must confess, I’m still rather chuffed with that remark, as you can probably imagine. She was a vegetarian as well, so double the double bonus points!

The cake went down a storm, the kids had huge smiles and were busy snapping away on their mobile phones – my times have changed. All in all, a very successful if knackering day but one my daughter won’t forget in a hurry I hope. Of course, this now means that next year will mean something equally as unforgiving to make, talk about creating a rod for one’s own back.

On a less positive note however, I have discovered that the mother of my daughter is considering moving out next year. This has not been confirmed or even discussed, but I learned of it third hand. Whilst I would like nothing more than to see the back of her, I must assume she is thinking of taking my daughter with her.

This of course will never happen without a fight, but I know if it came down to it, the courts will never side with me as I am but the mere father, just a name on a bit of paper who has very little in the way of rights even if I was married so heavens forbid that as a co-habiting couple I can kiss any legal victory goodbye.

There are some provisos however: namely that apparently my daughter does not wish to leave especially as she has all her friends here and she likes her school – no mention about me in this equation but I shall put that down as an oversight or that it would be stating the bleeding obvious! Secondly, I would be extremely surprised if the mother would actually disrupt my daughter’s schooling at such a critical time – especially as it is the one area where she actually interacts with my daughter and thirdly and this is my primary concern: she must know that she could not cope looking after my daughter on her own as she can barely look after herself.

The thought of my daughter being dragged off somewhere to live with her mother is simply inconceivable. Who would play with her, make her pack lunches, provide a proper home cooked meal for her every evening, ensure she gets up in the morning on time and more to the point, who would be there for her when she came home from school?

The mother cannot and rarely does any of the aforementioned and this is how it has been from the moment she was born. I just cannot see how this would ever work. The other point is that whilst she may have already mentioned this to my daughter, like so many things she says, she very rarely ever carries them out. So, this could all be just a load of hot air.

Nevertheless, it has shaken me somewhat to learn of this supposed plan. I just wonder when and if the mother ever plans to tell me about it?


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