Lies and more damn lies

Lies and more damn lies, how much longer must one put up with such nonsense, more to the point, are they completely deluded or, do they think you will not challenge them in front of mutual friends?

Yes, it has been another evening of nattering around the kitchen table with the mother of one of my daughter’s friends – who I was looking after for the afternoon – and Miss jean Brodie – for want of a better name – was home from work early for once???

Having a three way conversation usually means whatever I say is challenged in such a way to try and undermine or belittle: hoping I imagine, that I will not turn the conversation into a full scale argument, which is quite easy to do.

My main concern is that once again, she has managed to get away with it, in front of our mutual friend, giving the impression that I must be mistaken. The main problem I that twoof the subjects revolved around education and hospitals. The two very subjects that ‘Miss Jean Brodie’ studied at university: namely, the National health Service and educational policy making or something of that ilk.

It is so frustrating that she is capable of convincingly putting her points across whilst I just angry that she spinning yet another web of lies in front of our friend, making me to look unhinged because I am furious that she has the audacity to lie blatantly.

What do you do? Do you say, how on a minute, let me go search for my diaries from 12 or so years ago and I will prove my points, which would look truly great or sit there and fester? Its exasperating knowing she is capable of pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes.



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