The truth may be out there

Had supper around at a mutual friend’s house this evening, nothing unusual about that, its her way to say thanks for always looking after her daughter, which she needn’t do as its an absolute delight. Unfortunately, Miss jean Brodie – as I am now going to refer the mother of my child as – was also expected to attend.

However, something must have occurred the night before as the two of them went out for the evening to see a London West End Musical, I was asked in a casual sort of way exactly what does Miss jean Brodie do for a living?

I nearly chocked on my glass of wine. Wasn’t expecting that. What do I say? Do I spill the beans, tell her a half truth, some of the truth, lie?  I fudged the issue: ‘well, I’m not exactly sure, you would know better than me’, I said. Now, what sort of message does that signal? She didn’t press issue, just adding that she wasn’t sure she was still doing the same job as before.

Does this mean she has finally twigged that she has been spun a string of tall stories all these years? Ironic really considering it was only last week that I was saying lies and more lies. Just goes to show, you cant lie your way through life.


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