Aspergers Syndrome?

Had dinner with my girlfriend and two of her best friends over the weekend, nothing unusual about that, but the two friends were in the throes of major marital upheavals, so neutrally the topic of conversation as one might have expected soon turned to lawyers, divorce etc. At one point, whilst silently supping soup off … More Aspergers Syndrome?

holiday season

It may only be January but plans are afoot for the holiday season and signs that a minor miracle may occur this year. For the first time in years – could be six or more – ‘Ms Jean Brodie’ (the mother of my daughter) has actually asked if I had any plans for my daughter’s … More holiday season

Processed food

  One thing that does drive me insane is that whenever I spend the night at my girlfriend’s place – something I don’t do nearly as much as I would like to do but when you have responsibilities ie: a daughter who decries that she is being left home alone despite her mother being in … More Processed food

Home Alone

It’s the start of the new year and things are continuing pretty much as before but with my daughter bemoaning that she was being left home alone as I ventured out for dinner with my partner, this despite having invited my wonderful child along, but as usual, she declined not wishing to leave the sanctuary … More Home Alone