Processed food



One thing that does drive me insane is that whenever I spend the night at my girlfriend’s place – something I don’t do nearly as much as I would like to do but when you have responsibilities ie: a daughter who decries that she is being left home alone despite her mother being in the house, its simply never going to happen that often – i return home to find my daughter has been fed processed food.

Now, I don’t want to condemn everyone who uses processed food or take outs or already prepared foods, but I will. There is no logical reason for this; you could make a case for those who work all the hours God sends or for those fortunate enough to be so wealthy that they don’t mind wasting their money but for everyone else, there can be no excuse. Those who wont cook or cant cook should be chained to the cooker until they learn.

I recently had a friend of mine – he’s single aged 51 – who whilst chatting in my kitchen one afternoon, asked me about cooking mince. I had to give him step-by-step instructions on how to cook a simple mince in tomato sauce which he could then use for a variety of recipes: bolognese, shepherds pie, cottage pie, chilli con carne etc…this even included where to find the mince in the supermarket!

But even I was was left speechless whilst describing the preparations for shepherds pie and the topping of mash potato only to hear him utter where can you buy mash? He had never made mash potato and he’s Irish! What sort of person reaches a half century and cannot make something as basic as mash? Even the mother of my child can do that, the fact that she prefers to buy a precooked chicken rather than cook one herself, or buys an Indian take out or a pizza whenever I’m out is another matter altogether. But it did get me thinking: had these two ever got together they would either starve, be incredibly unhealthy due to all the processed food or be flat broke or possibly all three! It does drive me to distraction especially when the mother of my child either refuses or is incapable of providing a proper home cooked meal for my daughter. I am sure there are plenty of people in a similar position although I fail to understand how this can be the case in these days with all the food shows on TV – something ‘Ms Jean Brodie’ watches religiously and sometimes even proffers to offer advise on how to cook something when in company! Bloody cheek.



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