holiday season

It may only be January but plans are afoot images for the holiday season and signs that a minor miracle may occur this year.

For the first time in years – could be six or more – ‘Ms Jean Brodie’ (the mother of my daughter) has actually asked if I had any plans for my daughter’s May holidays.  Somewhat flabbergasted at such a question, I blurted no, not really. I have already booked a week away in Venice in April, so May would be a little extravagant.

Ms Brodie had initially asked if she could collect my daughter at the tale end of my April trip, to which I said no, for two reasons: a) I have already booked the return flights and b) I’ve done this twice before, once to collect her in Nice from where her mother went off to do her own thing, and then one further time in Rome, when I dropped her off for a few days.

Its far too stressful trying to organize and arrange a suitable location and date to fit around Ms Brodie and as my then girlfriend said: ‘you seem to be controlled by her’ ! In the end, they were prophetic words as it proved a relationship breaker.

I also have another date in my diary in February, where Ms Brodie is going to stay with one of her few  friends – she only has three that I can determine – and will take my daughter with her! Fantastic, as I have been trying to arrange a dinner for a couple of pals of mine for a couple of  months now but want the house to myself! Question is and experience tells me, that she is more than likely to change plans at the last minute so do I go ahead and set this all-male dinner?

I’m not hopeful that this will happen but it would be nice to be able to invite friends over without Ms Brodie being present. You would have thought she would have the courtesy of making herself scarce for such occasions but she appears to have no compulsion to go out and miss out on a slap up meal.

I miss having my friends over, thankfully, my very understanding partner is usually more than happy to give up her place for such occasions but its not quite the same as her kitchen is: how can I put this delicately? not quite as well equipped as my own…sorry darling. (shouldn’t worry, she will never read this!

Anyways, I have two dates penciled in and I await to see if either or both will actually materialize, we can only live in hope!!!


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