Aspergers Syndrome?

Had dinner with my girlfriend and two of her best friends over the weekend, nothing unusual about that, but the two friends were in the throes of major marital upheavals, so neutrally the topic of conversation as one might have expected soon turned to lawyers, divorce etc.

At one point, whilst silently supping soup off my spoon, I felt as though I one of those man servants who was being spoken about as though I was either invisible or deaf. So vitriolic was the conversation regarding their men folk, I was almost compelled to defend the male species!

However, I resisted and ploughed on through the soup, pausing every now and then long enough to nod and utter my disapproval at their husband’s irrational behaviour. Sure enough, by the time the main course arrived we had turned the focus of attention to my tales of woe.

I proclaimed with justification that they had it good: I’ve had umpteen years living with a woman who shouldn’t be in the same house and was only there because she knew I wouldn’t allow her to leave with my daughter, which of course they all three pointed out, was exactly what she wanted, thus maintaining the status quo and avoiding having to live on her own and all that brings along: bills, cooking, childcare, etc, etc.

The one illuminating aspect of the conversation was the possibility that ‘Ms Jean Brodie’ could be suffering from Aspergers syndrome. I had never considered that possibility but I have my doubts. Sure, there are some similarities, but where I feel it falls down surrounds social intercourse. Yes, ms Brodie has very few friends ( that I am aware of ) with the exception of three or four from University and one mutual friend who is the mother of one of my daughter’s best friends.

She has selective communication skills: she will proffer opinions garnered from whatever she has read (she is a prolific reader ) and not ones which she has formulated herself. She can communicate as she does still volunteer for public speaking for a national charity organization.  So where does that leave her? Where she might suffer is from the lesser known PDA (pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome) something which I could see as being at the root of her problems.

I have for all the time I have known Ms Brodie’, never entrusted her with a favour, she cannot meet a deadline with ease, is unreliable and severely absent minded. None of which instils me with any confidence when I leave her in charge of my daughter for obvious reasons.

I will have to do some further research into this possibility and come back with my findings. Otherwise, the meal was a very happy go lucky affair with much mirth all round!!


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