Joys of fatherhood

The joys of fatherhood are a wonderment to behold for those of us dads, who despite being estranged from one’s partner, suffer the continued cohabitation for the ‘sake of the children’. As I have scribbled here before, living in the same house as the mother of your child can be more than just a little … More Joys of fatherhood

Gone to town

Another weekend, another Saturday looking after my baby girl – I know she’s a teenager  but still.  As per usual, her mother has gone to town as is her want on the weekend, this time gone for seven hours; even my daughter asked whilst supping on some delicious homemade minestrone; “where does she go all … More Gone to town

Weekly Shop

A curious thing happened this week when I opened the refrigerator door and found a number of fresh meat products stacked up in a tidy pile. Yes, I know, mundane stuff but wait, I always do the weekly shop – which has also turned into a daily shop – so to discover food stuffs such … More Weekly Shop