Weekly Shop

A curious thing happened this week when I opened the refrigerator door and found a number of fresh meat products stacked up in a tidy pile. Yes, I know, mundane stuff but wait, I always do the weekly shop – which has also turned into a daily shop – so to discover food stuffs such as a couple of chops, a pack of chicken drumsticks, half a leg of lamb and a packet of mince is something of a revelatioshopping-basket_1868430bn.

You may laugh but this is truly remarkable. I cannot recall the last time ‘Ms Jean Brodie’ actually bought some groceries which were not for her own consumption.  I’m not really obsessive about food even though it does appear to be the case according to these blogs, but hey, it’s the one thing we all have to do every day…eat!

I’m not sure what the significance of this sudden desire to actually contribute towards the weekly shop is but it has saved me a few shekels, which is always a good thing. I have even refrained from purchasing any dishwasher tablets or washing powder to see if she will actually go and purchase some in the coming week, seeing as though she will insist on running the dishwasher half empty as opposed to either waiting for it to fill up or God forbid doing the dishes by hand.

I know what you’re thinking: my goodness, is that all he has to moan about? Well, no, not entirely but it is the tiny things which eventually drive you insane. People usually complain about leaving the loo seat up or down, or something about the toothpaste lid, I don’t have any of those concerns but mine are equally as trite and irritating.

The other aspect which I cannot help but pass on is the noting that today, being a Saturday and to illustrate a point: Ms Brodie decided to go into town – as is her want every Saturday – and remain out for nearly six hours.  What on earth does one do for six hours in a typical suburban town? I could almost understand if one lived in a major city and you could go visit a museum or a gallery or the such likes, but we have none of these things.

Seeing as though she barely spends more than 15 minutes each morning and possibly 30 minutes in the evening with her daughter, you would have thought come the weekend, any conscientious mother would want to spend as much time as they could with their child, but not in this case it would appear.  Does this behaviour constitute PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome) I cannot say.

The symptoms are so varied and oblique its virtually impossible to make an accurate diagnosis and could in theory apply to any of us to some degree.

The symptoms are:

“Appearing sociable on the surface but lacking depth in their understanding“.  I have always maintained that she engages in conversations whilst proffering opinions which are not her own but those she has read in newspapers or magazines.

Some would counter by saying: isn’t that how we all formulate opinions by reading up on subjects? Well, no, not really. We do in part but also through life experience. An example of this would be my talking about the rental market: I have a small portfolio of houses which I rent out with my father and have 30 years experience in such dealings, so, I feel qualified to offer an opinion and argue the case in conversation.  By contrast, ‘Ms Brodie’ has none of the above and has lived bill free for almost 15 years. Yet she will argue the case in company and talk about property values and the rental market with such conviction it drives you to despair. You do feel like shouting: “what do you know about it?”

“Excessive mood swings often switching suddenly”. I have already highlighted a number of such incidents

“Comfortable in role play and pretending” I’m assuming this could be interpreted as giving the impression of being in a certain type of employment whilst in reality doing something completely different.

I have no idea if any of the above is grounds to conclude one way or another if Ms Brodie has PDA, but there are a number of factors which could in theory go towards explaining her behaviour, but one would need professional advice to determine this accurately.


One thought on “Weekly Shop

  1. Just a post script to Saturday’s scribblings: Sunday saw Ms Brodie leave the house to go back into town for a further 4 hours? She has spent zero time with her daughter this weekend.

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