That’s What Friends Are For

“That’s what friends are for“; goes the song and at times I do have to stop and thank my lucky stars that indeed, I do have some very precious friends. It is just a shame that due to anonymity here I cannot openly praise those I deem dear friends.

Over the weekend I was invited along with my partner to my friend’s daughter’s birthday brunch in town. As I sat there along with my own daughter, It became apparent that this was not just a celebration of a 14th birthday, but moreover that a much talked about – mostly in passing – business venture was about to be launched.

Now, as many will already have discovered food is close to my heart as well as my stomach, as part of the birthday celebrations, I have been asked to hold a children’s cooking master class for ten or so children. What was most heart warming was the fact the my friend’s daughter specifically asked that I conduct the lesson. How on earth could I refuse even though I am just an average cook albeit with slightly more than a passing interest in food.

I have conducted several such master classes in the past for my own daughter and one or two of her friends, but nothing quite on this scale, so this weekend should be most interesting. What was also plain to see was that this master class is to be something of a taster and a forerunner to bigger plans.

The entire family seemed to have conspired together to push me into turning this weekend’s master class into something more serious and possibly a working business. They were almost badgering me into accepting the notion that this was definitely something that could be a going concern. I have some reservations but once again, I have to reiterate that I truly have some remarkable friends, but none more so than this particular friend and his family, whose kids I often refer to as my adopted children.


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