Excelling at school






Its been a busy time in my household. My stunningly, wonderful perfect child ( yes, get the buckets out now) has once again excelled at school; ‘A-star’ for her science exam, top three in her year, and taken  two years ahead of her contemporaries. Moreover, her science teacher, even remarked to her why she wasn’t in private education.  What a curious comment to make to a pupil.

Not only that, she took her grade 5 piano exam and despite some reservations on her part; she believes she has past, although not with a distinction, which is what she was after. I have repeatedly informed her that no one is concerned what pass mark she attains in her piano exams, just so long as she does her best and PASS! No pressure.

Nevertheless, it makes me feel very proud of her achievements in what can only be difficult circumstances. I feel for her, its such a pity she is not in private education. Lack of funds makes attending the same school as two of her closest friends impossible. But that is the sacrifice I have made to be with my child. By not having a ‘normal’ job, a job that would require me to be out all day like most dads earning a decent wage, that would provide my daughter with an education that she so richly deserves.

On the flip side, she is very happy at her school, which is after all, the most important thing here. Better to have a happy child attending a state school and excelling as opposed an unhappy child in private education floundering as a result.  It also means I am there for here when she comes home, which I believe has been a real benefit and truth be told, I couldn’t imagine it any other way now.

Notwithstanding the lack of funding, a home life which is ‘curious’ at best and potentially destabilizing has thus far not had any adverse effects or none that I can determine. I have a wonderful – somewhat reserved – child, who seems to be going from strength to strength.

The mother of my daughter is still causing me some concern however, as her behavior is still most peculiar. The most notable being that I had a gentleman knock on the door one afternoon asking for her by name. I immediately took him for a debt collector; I know she has been receiving letters despite having no serious outgoings. How can she be in debt and to whom? She works full time, she is out from 9am to 9-10pm every day during the working week. She only pays for the internet/phone line and the piano lessons, which are paid quarterly.  She pays no mortgage, no rent, no utility bills, no TV license and virtually nothing towards groceries other than the ready meals she sometimes buys for herself. Where does her salary go and on what? Most curious.


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