Parents Evening

parents evening

A busy week or so in our household what with school’s Parents evening and then Easter and the subsequent school holidays, which will include a trip to Venice, Italy.

School’s parents’ evening was pretty much what I had come to expect: a glowing report from all my daughter’s teachers, some positively gushing at her progress. What more could any parent want? Not sure what else one can add really, as anything more will just be gloating, so safe to say, she’s doing well at school.

Easter was spent with my parents, which also had to include my daughter’s mother, which makes for an interesting time at the dinner table with my immediate family, cousins, the mother of my daughter and my partner.
Yes, one can only imagine how that goes down with everyone concerned. I feel for my family who, don’t particularly like ‘Ms Jean Brodie’ for reasons already mentioned, but do very much like my long time suffering partner, who also has to endure the awkward situation around the dining table. Obviously, the two women are kept well apart, each trying to assert their authority and status within the family hierarchy…it’s such a pain. As per usual however, ‘Ms Brodie’ eats, stays long enough so not to appear too rude and then makes her excuses and leaves. There is almost an audible sigh of relief as the front door shuts and she’s gone for another few months.

However, at some point, which still hasn’t been clarified fully, my partner’s laptop would appear to have been used without her consent. User account had been switched, which caused all kinds of confusion especially when she tried to access her email account. And a search of recent history revealed someone had looked up a Chrysler station wagon and sheds with built in showers?

As one might imagine, my partner, who obviously had no inclination or requirements of either items, was incandescent with rage.  I was both astonished at the brazenness of ‘Ms Brodie’ and somewhat surprised that she would have the temerity of using someone else’s laptop without asking.  What the heck does she want with a station wagon? She doesn’t use the car she has already never mind a second car and as for a shed with a shower? Is she thinking of moving into one?

I managed somehow to placate my partner by taking her out for a meal mindful of all the nails she was spitting out at odd intervals. A most curious affair, I must say.  I still cannot get my head around it. To make matters slightly worse, ‘Ms Brodie’ would appear to be unemployed once again: I don’t know this officially and I didn’t just happen to see a letter from the tax office saying so, but it does mean she’s around the house a little more, although to be fair, she does go out as though leaving for work and doesn’t return until 8 or 10 pm. What she is doing all this time: heaven knows.

This Sunday, I’m taking my daughter to Venice, as she said she wanted to visit the place before it sunk! Really looking forward to it, as its just the two of us, which is great, although I am feeling slightly guilty that I haven’t invited my partner. However, I am making it up to her by taking her to Italy next month. Its been quite a busy couple of weeks and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.


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