‘A million children growing up without fathers’

A new report issued by the Centre for Social Justice claims that over a million children are growing up without a father figure in their lives.  This reportis disturbing enough on its own, however what is just as disturbing has been the large scale dismissal from certain quarters, trying to discredit the report, claiming the figures are without foundation.

The question begs to why has there been such a backlash? Could it be as simple as certain groups who have a vested interest in maintaining the current status quo, wish to see fathers banished to the margins in the upbringing of their children? organizations for women’s rights and campaigners, who are constantly in the news arguing – and in most cases justifiably so – that they have been placed in impossible situations by absent fathers or employment laws have dismissed the findings as scare mongering.

The airwaves have been full of groups protesting and offering their views on a fathers’ contribution in the upbringing of children and how it is the mother who has been hard done by, virtually dismissing the role of fathers, claiming: they have brothers, uncles, grandfathers, so it’s not so bad.   This is totally unacceptable.  There would be uproar if given the same situation where any fathers’ organization would declare, oh, its fine not to have a mother, they have sisters, aunts and grandmothers, so why are we allowing these voices to go unchallenged?



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