Parenting skills

Could someone please explain to me what the thinking is behind leaving the house just as your child returns home from school? I am at a complete loss. As you know, I have to work around my daughter’s schooling and if possible ensure I am at home when she comes in from school. Two reasons for this: to find out if she is okay and secondly to see if she needs anything…Normally, if I need to go out to go and buy some food, i ensure I am back before she returns in the mid afternoon. So, I find it incredulous that her mother, who as far as I can work out is still unemployed and has been home all day – doing what, heaven knows, decides just as my daughter is about to come home from school to go out…because she really needs to go shopping? Really?

Yeah, okay, she has finished all my coffee and all the ham and milk but surely she could have gone earlier in the day. Why did she have to wait until exactly moments before my daughter returned from school? She did the same thing the day before, having spent the weekend away, no sooner had she walked in, she was off out again…now don’t get me wrong, I would rather she was out of the house all day and all night for all I cared, but I do question what is says about her parenting skills. I am at a complete loss.


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