should I stay or should I go

It’s summer, schools are about to close for the end of year term, and I have to fly off for work for a couple of weeks.  That’s not good: it’s good work wise of course, but it means leaving my daughter for a couple of weeks, that’s never good. I even contemplated should I stay or should I go…but who can afford to turn down work?

It does however, mean that I have to entrust my daughter into the hands of her mother aka Mrs Jean Brodie, not to mention the house, both of which I do with some trepidation. I usually come home to find something amiss; a burnt pan, broken this, damaged that, something nearly always happens whilst I am away.

There is only so much I can do to mitigate any ‘collateral’ damage. Moreover, I have to ensure that my daughter is well provided for. Thankfully my parents – where would I be without them – have been entrusted to look after her during my absence.  At least she can go to their home after school, so that’s one concern averted. She will also be well fed, which is a blessing.

Unfortunately, I cannot rely on her mother to do either, despite seemingly being unemployed at present. Or is she…who knows?  I also have a mutual friend who has volunteered to look after my daughter whenever possible so at least she can play with her daughter too.

I shouldn’t have to stress over such matters but that’s how it is I’m afraid. The only things I cannot control is ensuring that for the remaining week, my daughter will be roused in time for school and that she is provided with a suitable packed lunch, after that, who knows what will happen.

Going away is such a wrench, full of guilt, apprehension and anxiety.  I will miss her school concert which is a real shame. Mercifully, my daughter appears to be completely indifferent to the notion of my going away and seems rather pleased that I will not be present at her concert. I can’t imagine why, I’m not the loudest father in the audience…well, I might be actually but that’s only because everyone else is so damned stiff and barely register their presence.

Ah well, the joys of parenting continue unabated with all the angst of looking after a teenage daughter made none the better for leaving her for two weeks!


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