Holiday blues

It wasn’t that long ago when I stated that the mother of my daughter aka ’Ms Jean Brodie’, insisted that I amend my holiday plans and dates as she had already made plans for the dates I had penciled in for late July.

True to form, this failed to materialize and once again my daughter was sent up to her grandparents instead. This only came about as I had been commissioned for a job abroad during this period and I wonder had I not been away, would she had been sent away at all?

This was not however, part of the deal. I was expressly told that she – ‘Ms Brodie’ would be taking her away on holiday.  I did muse at the time that this would have been a first, as she hadn’t taken her away on holiday in years, possibly even eight or nine years ago if I recall. Yet, here we are once again having to alter my plans to suit what is to all in sense a ruse by my daughter’s mother. I’m not sure if this is done maliciously or if she is simply incapable of organizing herself and actually doing what she says.

I suspect it’s the latter as it does follow a pattern all too familiar. Yet, I know were I to question her as to why she hadn’t taken my daughter away she would counter by saying you went away for over two weeks so what does it matter, missing the point entirely.

This is just another example of ‘Ms Brodie’ saying one thing and doing or not doing the exact opposite. Its not as if she was or is working, but is at home watching daytime TV and generally pottering around the house or as of a few weeks ago, has taken a sudden interest in the garden! I’m sure this is only due to my partner helping out a few weeks ago, when i embarked on tackling the garden after years of abandoning all hope of a normal garden due to my daughter’s exploits with the aid of her friends, who had turned the back yard into some kind of adventure playground. But now that she is all grown up – sort of – she has lost interest in the swings and now complains the garden is full of creepy crawlies!

I now have to compete with Ms Brodie’s attempts in the garden, and lets make no mistake; she talks a good talk when it comes to gardens. She knows her plants, buys all the mags, watches all the gardening shows on TV but which in reality over the years mainly consists of her buying the occasional plant, plonking it in the garden still in the pot, and then leaving it…until I notice that it is about to die as it hasn’t been watered in weeks and transplant it, usually too late to save it. I am currently watching a rose plant which is still in its pot and has been for a couple of weeks. my daughter and I are about to set off on holiday with my partner for a fortnight and i can only wonder what I will come back to.

I always work on the basis that if the house is still standing then that’s a good start, as she is prone to leaving the gas on and burning any number of pots and pans. Breakages whilst i’m away are commonplace so anything of value I try to remove from sight before I leave. We shall see.


4 thoughts on “Holiday blues

    1. As a dad, I have little rights when it comes to my child. As an unmarried dad, i have NO rights when it comes to my child. Example: if the mother were to fall sick & have to be admitted into hospital, the docs’ would be perfectly within their rights to send my daughter to her maternal grandparents even though I am on the birth certificate as her father.
      that’s how it is I’m afraid.

    1. I’m afraid so. Another two or three years, then we shall see if there is a battle over the house to which she lives in free of any charge…hope she has been saving over these past 14 years, if so, she will have amassed a small fortune.

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