Holiday blues to Garden blooms


Well, as expected, I returned home from our summer vacation not only to find that the mother of my daughter aka ‘Ms Jean Brodie’ had been busy in the garden, but she even surpassed my wildest expectations and laid a new lawn!

Well, almost, it kind of covers a third of the back yard with the rest of the garden made up of plant borders scattered here and there…it all looks a little odd to be honest as there are gaping areas where there is nothing but very dry dirt and then whoops, a tiny flower patch.

The clue here are the words; ‘very dry dirt’. Now, i remember laying down a lawn many years ago when i first moved in and removed a number of trees but even so, it wasn’t long before my green carpet turned yellow, withered and faded into dust. The soil here is dryer than the Nevada Valley. Even so, this didn’t seem to deter Ms Brodie trying some years later, again whilst I was away and I believe a second time some time after that. Each time the new shiny green lawn faded away into nothing. So, imagine my surprise to come back and see another new lawn.  I have to question the wisdom never mind the sanity of someone who doesn’t learn from previous experiences.

Saying that, can’t question the amount of effort that must have gone into doing the garden, never mind the cost and for someone who appears not to be working full time, again you have to question the wisdom of spending so much money, knowing that in all probability the garden will have its own way and return everything to dust.

I have absolutely no idea what the reasoning is behind this latest venture; had my partner and I not started work on the rockery, would any of this have happened? Now, of course, I can’t get anywhere near the rockery nor do I wish to. I will just wait and slowly watch everything wither away, probably by Christmas. But it is odd.




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