Something odd going on

Okay, there is something odd going on. Ever since we returned home from our summer vacation, the mother of my daughter aka: ‘Miss Jean Brodie’, has been behaving in the most curious way.

Now, apart from staying up all night, watching TV only to repeat the process during the day – clearly not able or unwilling to go out to find any work – she has also begun to spend more time with my daughter…

Ordinarily, this might be and indeed should be considered a good thing. That’s exactly what any parent should do, but I am bemused by this sudden change in attitude.

I don’t know if this is as a result of my having spent two weeks away with my partner and daughter on holiday, and this is just a guilt thing or, there is something else afoot.

Needless to say, after14 years of what appeared to be only a courtesy interest in spending  any ‘quality’ time together, I find this sudden interest a little disturbing as I’m unclear of the motives.

Am i being paranoid? Possibly, but i wouldn’t put anything past ‘Miss Brodie’, she is after all extremely cunning and calculating whilst also being more than capable of huge contradictions.

I don’t know what to make of this behavior. It is disturbing whilst appearing innocent, which is why I am so concerned.



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