Birthday blues

its my daughter’s 15th birthday a time for celebration one might think and indeed it is in many ways, apart from the fact that my daughter doesn’t wish to celebrate it?

Every year at this time we have the ritual of stressing over birthday events. Usually, this involves the mother of my daughter trying her best to shower my daughter with as many gifts as possible.  One year, many years ago, there were so many gifts they were piled up high against the front door! It was obscene. However, it appears things may have calmed down somewhat and now its just a few presents although usually something mega…last year it was a piano, last Christmas it was a game consul, this year I have no idea as yet…curiously, last week she had asked me if I knew what if anything my daughter wanted for her birthday? I said nothing special but thought: ‘if you don’t know then go and find out, why ask me?’

On the eve of her birthday, I was then asked what I had bought, why? I assume it was to check if her gift matched or bettered my humble offerings…its such a headache.

But this is the usual ritual I have to go through each celebration. This year however I am undergoing further stress with my daughter refusing to celebrate her birthday; what’s that all about? Teenage angst? It would appear that at the very last minute she has been badgered into inviting a few friends from school, but even as I pen this, I’m not entirely sure just how many people are turning up!



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