Happy Holidays

Here’s an interesting dilemma.  What do you do when your ‘former’ in-laws say they are coming down to spend Christmas day with you and your immediate family either unaware or otherwise indifferent to the fact that your current partner of many years will be there too?

Ah, the joys of seasonal goodwill and all that might be put to the test this Christmas as I face the prospects of having my partner – who doesn’t live with me – despite several years in a relationship, coming face to face once again with my former inlaws on Christmas Day.

Each Christmas the family all gather at my parents house for the traditional festive meal. Recently for one reason or another, the parents of the mother of my daughter have been unable to travel the 200 odd miles, which is fine and thus has spared us any awkward situations with the presence of my partner.

This year however, it seems likely that they will be making an appearance.  I do have to wonder if their daughter – Ms Jean Brodie (mother of my daughter, who is still living in the same house – has bothered to tell her parents that we are no longer in a relationship and in fact, have not been in a relationship for nearly 13 years?

You might assume – incorrectly I may add – that of course they have been told. Yet, ‘Ms Brodie’s’ relationship with her own mother and step-father is not as it should be. Suffice to say I get on better with them than she does and would often spend more time entertaining them whenever they came down to see their grand-daughter.

Already, it is almost farcical that we have the prospect of my family all sitting around the table with this huge ‘elephant’ in the room. ‘Ms Brodie’ probably doesn’t want to be there; maybe she does, who really knows? My parents certainly don’t want her there and my partner definitely doesn’t want her there.

But here we are, all trying to play happy families around the Christmas Turkey, when in realty, Ms Brodie will often throw my partner a glare that would melt the polar ice-cap whilst my partner wants to gauge Ms Brodie’s eyes out.

Matters are compounded when there is almost a competition between the two women to see who can be more useful around the kitchen, which would be amusing were it in a movie and not happening in your parent’s home.

This of course is just a side-show and is completely insincere on the part of ‘Ms Brodie’ who is doing nothing more than trying to wind up my partner – successfully I might add – by showing she is still welcomed and is part of the ‘family’, which is nonsense as they can’t stand her and have never forgotten how she virtually ignored them for the first few years until I started seeing someone else and then as if by magic, she appeared all friendly, wonder why?

Happy holidays



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