Work Experience

My beautiful daughter is starting to look for a work experience placement as part of her school agenda to get children used to the idea of going out to work and writing CV’s etc.

Not a bad idea; we never had such things when I was attending school way back when but hey, times are a changing. I have absolutely no doubt that with her character, she will have no trouble in getting a placement and will be adored by whoever engages her in the future.

This of course, gives her mother: ‘Ms Jean Brodie’ some reason to engage with my daughter and is never short of offering advice – which is a good thing of course – I just wish she would adopt her own advice and get a full time job herself!

But this would naturally counter what she does all the time; offering advice and opinions on subjects she knows precious little if anything about. Latest subjects include baking and food in general. A mutual friend was seeking advice on wedding cakes and what to feed her mother-in-law. To my astonishment, Ms Jean Brodie could not help but continue to interrupt our conversation with a plethora of advice.  This from a woman who has never baked in her life and her culinary expertise stretches to a kind of stir-fry  with pasta and tuna!

Trouble is she does it with such conviction that anyone who didn’t know better would rightly assume she was head chef at a Michelin star establishment. I must deduce this is either an attempt to impress or simply to engage in conversation just for the sake of it.

It is nevertheless maddening, especially as I know the truth and cannot help she is deliberately duping – at best – our mutual friend and at worst just plain lying through her teeth.




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