The media has taken upon itself to bring to our attention the simple but hitherto unknown fact that we in the western world are getting fatter. Really, as if we hadn’t noticed.

The curious thing is that in today’s world, we have like never before had access to any amount of food guides, television programmes and cook books etc…in fact, the best selling books appear to be cookbooks by TV chefs and yet, we are becoming nations of obese people.

Commentators will theories many reasons as to why this is; social reason, poverty, lack of time and so forth. However none appear to call it as is: people are lazy and some are just plain ignorant and too set in their ways to change.

There is no excuse for not eating well. Sure, a family who is financially struggling may well not be able to afford the exotic of fruit and vegetables. But here’s the thing, if you really wanted to, you can find such food cheaply by going to the market instead of a supermarket, or waiting until the expiry date is up and the food is greatly reduced.

You just have to be a little more discerning about what you buy and when. Buying that ready meal is also a false economy and a take out is definitely a no-no. Why would you spend good money on a ready meal which will feed you and your family for that one evening when you can buy a chicken and get at least two meals out of it? A roast and then use the remainder to make soup; throw in a few vegetables and its a hearty supper for free.

But people can’t be bothered, they haven’t the time. They can find the time to sit in front of the TV however and watch all those food programmes, which today seem to be more of an entertainment show than a cookery show. Cook books are also more of a status must have on their bookshelves. People buy them for the pictures as they become more akin to coffee table books than what they were originally designed for.

No, people have to take personal responsibility for their relationship with food or the lack of it. We will always find excuses for not doing the ‘right thing’ but it is in reality because people are too lazy. But you will never hear an expert and especially no one in government ever espouse the truth.


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