Teenage stay at home

Is it just my child or does anyone else have a teenage daughter that simply refuses to leave the house?

It is a minor miracle that she attends school without any trouble. In fact, she gets quite irate if I suggest going away for a long weekend meaning she would have to miss a day at school. My rationale being; well, if the teachers can go on strike whenever they please – always during the school term, thus inconveniencing all the parents, rearranging work or babysitters etc – then they cannot complain when I decide to have that day back for an extended weekend break. But no, my daughter raises a stink. Which I suppose is a good thing, but that is definitely not normal!

However, this also manifests into not ever wanting to go out preferring instead to stay in her room playing the piano, watching her Japanese manga videos on her tablet or whatever else she likes to keep her busy. This really is a stay at home child and under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t be complaining. I know for instance that most of her friends will go off into town together – something I’m not keen on her doing for safety reasons.  I trust her completely, a sensible girl, a little on the sensitive side, not exactly streetwise and perhaps, dare I say: naive. Or perhaps innocent would be a better word. Again, not exactly a bad thing in today’s age.

And yet, now that we have a school break, I want to take her away with my partner to a farmhouse in the country and she is adamant that she doesn’t want to go, even though she has never been to that part of the country. It would be a new experience, something new to discover and I’m pretty sure she would enjoy it. In reality she doesn’t have much choice as I cannot leave her alone in the house all day as her mother ‘Ms Jean Brodie’ – as I call her – has finally managed to find a job and is out all day, thank goodness.

Plus, the thought of her mother trying to feed my daughter for a few days doesn’t bare thinking about. God knows what she will end up doing not only to my daughter but my kitchen too!  Couldn’t believe she actually bought ready made mash and rice this week – obviously for when Im not around…its staggering. I do despair.


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