It’s the little things…

It’s the little things that usually breaks the straw on the camel’s back, so the saying goes. And to be honest even though I’m not sure what that actually means, I do know it has resulted in fatalities. I can now see why.

For example: Why is it that whilst you are engrossed in watching TV or more to the point listening to a radio programme, someone will insist on trying to hold a conversation even though they can see you are watching TV or listening to the radio?

Or: why do they throw something away like a washing up scouring pad and not replacing it with a new one? So, when you come to do the washing up, you no longer have a scouring pad. Couldn’t they have waited until they replaced it before binning it?

How about: whilst you are engaged in a conversation with your daughter, they enter the room and stand there for a moment or two before jumping into the conversation? The kids have a saying for this but alas I forget what it is.

Even worse, you have a friend visit for a chat and to your dismay the mother of your child decides she will join in. Its not her friend, they hadn’t come over to see them!

How about, emptying the dishwasher – ordinarily a good thing, but to then leave everything on the kitchen table for someone else to clear away is most definitely a bad thing.

Laundry baskets. I cannot tell you how many laundry baskets have disappeared over the years. Where they go is anyone’s guess. I know there is one in the garden somewhere, its been there for a number of months now. I refuse to retrieve it. . . again.

Something has gone missing, it can be anything from the kitchen scissors to a saucepan. there are only three of you in the building not including the cat. Everyone denies seeing it? What’s that all about?

It is such examples that over a period of time slowly builds up until that one final time when the cordless phone has once again gone walkabouts, only to emerge a couple of days later mysteriously finding itself back on its stand that you consider how to execute the perfect homicide!



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