The Joys of Fatherhood


One of the joys of fatherhood is obviously bringing happiness to your child/children and this takes on many forms, but for me personally – possibly even selfishly – it is through the means of food, which always fills my heart with glee whenever my child devours whatever offering I place in front of her.

So, it was with enormous satisfaction that my rabbit mousse-stuffed ravioli was consumed with much relish and gusto although to be fair, neither my daughter or her friend inquired as to what the meat was. Which was probably just as well, as my daughter’s friend would probably not have risen for a third helping!

But this just goes to show; too much information is probably not a good thing especially when something as contentious as rabbit is offered on the menu…again, to be fair, my daughter loves rabbit, but I know its not to everyone’s liking despite them having never tried it.

Conversely, my partner and I are about to drag this same daughter to the theatre this evening, she’s not happy. It is the weekend after all and she would like nothing more than to sit at home doing whatever it she does that keeps her occupied for hours on end. However, I’ve decided to put my foot down with a firm hand and haul her off out to experience some culture away from her tablet…time will tell if she enjoys this experience quite as much as the ravioli…I may have pushed my luck this weekend, but unless you try, you will never know.  here’s hoping.


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