Father’s Day

bedroom fathers day card

It’s Father’s Day and whilst I make no special deal out of it, it was great to receive another hand drawn card from my beloved daughter. Another Zelda conceived card which I’m sure her world now revolves in although she has just discovered Marvel, so who knows. I cannot believe she didn’t take up art at school, such a waste; she has so much talent in the arts.

Just completed her Grade 5 written paper in piano, which she thinks will be a Merit at worst but is looking for a Distinction – naturally. She has a terrific voice that she barely uses and so it goes on. But she is at least, a very happy teenager, which is all I can ask for and given the circumstances at home, is nothing short of a minor miracle.

What is troubling however is her mother, who still appears to be without work, is at home much of the time or at least in her bedroom until well after midday. I’m pretty certain she is not firing on all cylinders and the state of her room leads me to think there is definitely trouble ahead.

A clear case of hoarding, but not hoarding things of any value, just stuff and is so untidy I would be amazed what is hidden in the deepest darkest corners of the room. It certainly isn’t healthy whichever way you look at it.


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