The Sound of Silence

It’s the sound of silence which so often we crave but rarely achieve but when we do, it’s deafening.

So it was that my teenage daughter decided she would take a vow of silence for her local youth group, in order to raise funds for a special trip. Ordinarily, a vow of silence for charity would normally consist of a 24 hour stint, maybe even 48 hours.  But no, my daughter decided on a week! That’s a whole seven days. ‘She’ll never do it’, I thought. If I get her on Zelda, or the demise of Nintendo, she will crack. Not that I wanted her to fail, but she does go on sometimes especially on those subjects, so it would be an interesting test.

At first, it was quite amusing; a one-way conversation without her answering back, is always a good thing or so I thought. But after a while, it became apparent that one of us was quite hopeless at playing charades. As she scribbled her replies on a scrap of paper, I had to contend with her illegible handwriting or reach for a magnifying glass as I didn’t have my reading glasses with me.  All in all, it was becoming rather tiresome and I couldn’t wait for her to speak once again. who would have thought?

To her credit and uttermost determination, she achieved her goal of not uttering a sound for an entire seven days. I can only applaud her for her strength of character and I was particularly pleased to see her gratefully receive a bouquet of flowers for her efforts.

She is quite simply an incredible child, a joy to behold and I can only hope that she continues down this path of determination in everything she tackles.

Her ever loving father.


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