Is it me?

Okay, so what do you call someone who one minute will argue a point, any point so long as there is another person present, then once alone – ie after an hour or so when there is just the two of you – will try and make small talk on any number of topics as though nothing had happened? I’m finding it more and more disturbing, this kind of behaviour is surely not normal or is it? Is it just me?

My daughter recently returned from a school trip which cost a small fortune as school trips inevitably do these days. And although we agreed – that is to say, the mother and I – to share the cost, I was abroad for the final instalment which the mother – ‘Ms Jean Brodie’ had to pay. I did intend to reimburse her at some point, but she made a point of asking for the balance on several occasions which considering she doesn’t have to pay for food or any bills apart from the internet which I insisted after several years, I found more than slightly annoying.

To make matters worse and without any notion of irony – she asked just as I was about to go and do the weekly shop, which as anyone who goes out to the supermarket on a weekly basis, knows is not cheap. But there you are, I go out and fill the fridge and then prepare that evening’s meal and I still get asked for the balance. Am I over reacting and being unreasonable in thinking: ‘hold on. not only am I providing a roof over your head, supplying the food and then cooking for you as well at no cost to you, you have the nerve to ask me for money?’

The worse thing of all, is the fact that she appears to have no concept that things might be amiss here. My poor long suffering partner, complains that Ms Jean Brodie throws dagger like glances in her direction whenever I’m not looking. I don’t disbelieve her but tell her to ignore her just as I have been for the past 15 years. It is a hell of a way to live but I am becoming increasingly alarmed at the behaviour of my daughter’s mother. This ability to switch from one character to another without any sense of consequences is truly troubling.


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