Sweet little Sixteen

So, finally it has arrived, the day my daughter turned 16. Where have the years gone? It seems just like the other day when I held this tiny bundle in my arms wondering what on earth has my life come to and what will my life be in the future?

I have to say it has gone in a flash. the days of picking up this little parcel cradling her on one arm with her head resting in the palm of my hand with her legs dangling either side of my forearm are but a distant memory.

Those days of her and her equally tiny friends leaping upon my outstretched arms and clambering over my head as though I was an immovable tree thankfully long past – now i just think of my aching back, pulled muscles and the thought of them trying something similar filling me full of dread.

Looking at my daughter and her friends now it seems almost inconceivable that they were once so small that they were able to scale this weary body as though they were scaling some craggy mountain, mercifully without the use of cramp-ons or ropes!

Yet here we are, sixteen years of age. Its come in a blink of an eye and curiously, with little fanfare. There was no party, i did not have to bake a cake – the first time in 16 years. It was a quiet affair with the barest minimum of fuss: at my daughter’s insistence.

So, is that it? Have we reached the age where the child has gone forever and we now turn the page onto a new chapter of adolescence and the emergence of a young woman? My baby girl has gone and I now have to view this young lady who is almost as tall as me knowing that this is the beginning of the end where before long she will fly the nest to ventures new.

I must confess this is a terrifying thought. The idea that in two years she will be leaving for university and the house will be void of her usual clatter and clutter and with it an emptiness that I dread I will not be able to fill.


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