A New Year: same old, same old

Christmas has come and gone and with it, the start of a new year; what joy, out with the old, in with the new. Isn’t that what they say? Well, not in this household. Its going to be pretty much the same as before.

At least Christmas passed without all the usual hullabaloo of my daughter being showered with gifts from her mother, perhaps out of guilt or perhaps as a means of expressing her affection, who knows? This year, I suspect a lack of funds through not having a job had curtailed her usually extravagant spending spree over the festive period.

Added to which, her mother and step father couldn’t make it down this year, not that she was that bothered, in fact, I suspect she was relieved at having to spend two days making small talk to her mother whilst doing her best not to engage with her stepfather. It does always strike me as slightly odd that her ‘parents’ would even wish to spend Christmas with ‘us’ albeit some three hours drive away.

Surely they must know that I have had another partner for over five years now. That my partner would be with me and my family and that it is slightly awkward to say the least for everyone concerned when your ex-in-laws are seated around the Christmas table with your ex-son-in-law and his partner at one end and the mother of his child at the other end? However, like ‘Ms Jean Brodie’ aka mother of my child, I suspect that my ex-mother-in-law has no sense of pride or and the skin of a Rhino. I can see where her daughter gets it from.

For now, at least, I will have to contend with ‘Ms Brodie’ occupying the sofa in front of the TV all day and all evening until she finds employment as if anyone would have her. New Year’s passed with the usual dilemma of her mother once again ruling the nest. She wasn’t going to visit her parents, she doesn’t appear to have any friends willing to share the ringing in of the new year with her, despite it also being her birthday on New Year’s Eve, added to which, I think it was her 50th.

Instead, she chose to sit at home – my home – with my daughter, who has always had the misfortune of seeing in the New Year – or not, as she is always asleep before midnight, so she tells me – doing absolutely nothing. Where are all these wonderful friends of hers? The ones she frequently mentions in every conversation be it about sailing: “my friend used to sail” or cycling: “my friend used to ride 100 miles”, skiing, property development, racing cars, you name it, she has or had a friend who does or once did one thing or another yet curiously, none are on hand to celebrate her 50th. I wonder why?


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