Easter Holidays


Easter has come and gone and with it a vast consumption of food not to mention chocolate and other extravagances of the culinary kind. At least that would be the case for those who celebrate this time of year and even those who don’t, can often be found joining families and friends just to be together and have a slap up meal.

So, you would have thought, if you had not seen your own mother for nearly six months, Easter would have been a good excuse to make the journey to spend some quality time together.  Moreover, having spent the best part of three hours travelling by train to drop off one’s daughter at her grandparent’s house, one could have expected her own mother aka Ms Jean Brodie, to have remained with daughter and the grandparents…well, no. Ms Jean Brodie came straight back down again.

I left to travel with my partner on Good Friday to spend time with friends leaving Ms Brodie alone in the house, assuming that she would be making a return trip over the coming weekend to rejoin her own parents for the festivities. Imagine my surprise, although not really, to find upon my return several days later that no, she hadn’t made the trip and had in fact spent easter alone.

Now, I’m no expert, but even I would be safe in assuming that something is not quite right there. I only mention this as I do find it slightly disturbing that the mother of my child is quite prepared to travel for six hours but spend no time with her own parents. What kind if impression does that give my daughter?

The Easter Holidays should be a time of coming together, even for those who are not remotely of faith, that, I have no issue with at all. I do have issues when you refuse to spend any time with your own parents, preferring instead to simply dump the grandchild and come back again. Its not as though Ms Brodie has anyone else to spend time with – that I’m aware of – of course, who really knows?

This is really all about impressions, doing the right thing, if not for yourself, then for your own child, who already has to endure the slightly bizarre situation of her mother and father living under the same roof but apart. With the father (yours truly) involved in a relationship with a woman who is not her mother.  I simply worry for the long term. In the short term, my daughter is still excelling at school and her grades could hardly be any better. Maybe children are just more adroit at coping with present day families than we imagine.


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