Custody battles

In the United Kingdom, something unprecedented happened the other week when a court judge awarded custody of a young child to the father. Obviously, I jest somewhat as it may not be unprecedented but nevertheless quite rare by anyone’s reckoning, or at least that is the perception.

Whilst not following the case the ensuing media frenzy when the mother abducted the young boy and went into hiding for a week, did highlight the rights of fathers and although now resolved the judge said the whole incident was contrived and a manipulation of the media.

Closer to home, I do wonder what the circumstances were that led a judge to award custody to the father.  The mother was not a homicidal maniac, nor a drug user, which I presume are the only grounds usually required for a court to side on the father. In recent days I have discovered that the mother of my daughter has accrued a number of credit card debts which run into the thousands.

Under the present climate one could be forgiven for amassing debts of one nature or another, but when your only expenses are the house broadband/phone package and piano lessons, it begs the question where on earth has she spent all this money. Food is provided, there is no rent, no electricity or gas, insurance she no longer has the car as that was seized by the authorities for not being taxed.

I wonder if this in itself would be grounds enough to fight for custody in a court on the basis that she is clearly irresponsible when it comes to finance. But the biggest mystery remains where has she spent all this money?  She has nothing to show for it. She has not been on holiday in years, unless she goes away whilst my daughter and I are out of the country. The last time she took my daughter on holiday was when she was around five or six, she’s now sixteen.

I have always joked that the mother of my daughter cannot look after herself let alone my child, and now I am serously begining to think this is no longer a joking matter.


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