Education, Education, Education

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Education, education, education. That was the mantra of some bygone politician, who shall remain nameless thus avoiding inflating his already inflated ego, and whose policy despite the mantra, failed miserably.  Notwithstanding his PR guru’s slogan, every parent of a sixteen year child now has that daunting task of sending their child on to further education for another two years, which usually another school.  we then have to repeat the whole process whilst waiting for those precious exam results before selecting a university.

In the meantime, we’re back to that age old problem: which school? Unlike five years ago, our options have broadened somewhat, largely thanks to my daughter’s expected exam grades. Five years ago, if you were not religious or stinking rich, you got whatever was nearest even if the school was good, bad or indifferent.

Our dilemma this time around however, is that my daughter – who has been accepted by all the schools – does not wish to attend the best school as she didn’t like it. Now, as one might expect, this has caused some heated exchanges between her mother aka Ms Jean Brodie’ and my daughter.  For my part, I just want her to be happy, without jeopardizing her chances of going to a good university.

So, what to do? Do you send your child to a really good school, which nationally, is among the top performers, but where your child feels uncomfortable or send her to another school, which is still very good,but just not as good but where she actually likes?

The pros and cons are obvious, at least to me they are: Any child uncomfortable in whatever school, is never going to perform as well as in a school which they like. So, right now, that seems to be the solution. Is it the correct decision, only time will tell.


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