Summer Holiday – exams

Finally managed to get away for the annual summer vacation, this time thanks to a close friend, we managed to secure an apartment in the Swiss alps, which he owns.

My partner and I and my teenage daughter had a restful period of enjoying the clean and crisp air at altitude but I couldn’t help but wonder for how much longer I will be able to enjoy the company of my not so little one. Was this to be our last holiday together?

Certainly, by the time I was her age, it turned out be my last family holiday with my parents, that is to say, one which they organise.  I have of course been away with them countless times since or met them whenever they are in Italy.

This holiday was also one where my daughter tried to relax knowing that the day after we returned, she would receive her exam results. Obviously, this caused her and us, some anxious moments as we tried not to think about it too much whilst away.

The mother of my daughter aka ‘Miss Jean Brodie’ on the evening before we left early in the morning, insisted that I ensured my daughter’s cell phone was topped up and capable of accepting international calls.

I politely declined the instruction pointing out that if she wanted to communicate with my daughter, she should have sorted it out herself and not left it until the last minute. Or better still, why not take her away yourself for once? If memory serves me correct, they have not been abroad together alone since she was five or six!

That aside, we had a wonderful time walking in the mountains, travelling to Liechtenstein, which we discovered is not our favourite destination until that is, such a time when we travel there in order to check on our secret bank accounts!!

Once back home, the day arrived of the exam results. My daughter was to go to her school to pick up her brown envelope to see how she had done. Her mother, appeared to have taken the day off work of course, all prepared to go with her to the school – as becoming of her assigned name of ‘Jean Brodie’. To my amazement, my daughter insisted that she did not accompany her and asked if I could drive her to school.

My partner almost collapsed in astonishment and only afterwards gloated that this was highly significant, stressing that it took a lot of courage on the part of my daughter to refuse her mother’s presence at school whilst asking me for a lift.  I’m not so sure. She wanted a ride and as I’m the only one with a car now, seems like a natural decision. Whatever, it made my partner happy and must certainly have stuck a bum note with my daughter’s mother.

As for the results; they couldn’t have been any better; stunning results, which again made my partner cry with joy and we are all very proud.




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