Screen Time

So, for years now we have all been told that children, our children in particular, you know, from middle-class families, who know best, watch far too much television and that its not good for them. They should be outside playing, preferably in the garden – if you have one. Or that they should be in … More Screen Time

Divorce separation : there’s another way

Just been listening to a radio broadcast regarding divorce and separation and it has left me infuriated. Whilst acknowledging the panel of ‘experts’ were talking in general, I profoundly disagreed with much of what was discussed. The panel…all of them to a man/woman, concurred that divorce or in today’s climate of unmarried parents who are … More Divorce separation : there’s another way

It’s complicated

As if my life was not complicated enough, it seems its about to get even more complicated in the not too distant future. As stated many times, I share my home with the mother of our teenage child. It is by no means unique but it does present a number of challenges. The alternatives and … More It’s complicated