University dilemmas


Time flies when you’re having fun….but lets see, Christmas has come and gone, New Year and now we’re fast approaching that time of the year when Universities have to be visited in order to be assessed.

The problem here is, do I really want to travel hundreds of miles, dragged around university campuses with my daughter but crucially, Ms Jean Brodie aka my daughter’s mother? In all honesty, no.

I feel really bad and sad, but its bad enough attending parents evening with her mother who knows little else other than academia, whose only engagement with my daughter emotionally is via her school work at least that’s how it appears, but the thought of spending a whole day in an environment I know nothing about with a woman who I barely talk to fills me with dread.

This is the woman who promises much but delivers little if anything. She promised to take my daughter to Amsterdam recently, is that happening? of course not. She hasn’t taken her away since she was five or six and then dumped her into an all-day play group, not that my daughter complained, she loved it.

The only time she engages truly or takes a real interest is when it comes to her education, which I should be thankful for that at least. But that is all she knows, she knows how the education system works, the parlance, its structure and how exams are set out. But it was one of the subjects she studied at university.

No, I feel terrible but I cannot face the idea of visiting scores of universities with this woman even for the sake of my daughter and lets face it, I’m not sure what use I would be in any case as I never went to university.

Am I wrong here?





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