Gardening woes

I’m confused. What does it say when the mother of your child, with whom you have not had a relationship with for the past 15 years, but nevertheless still lives in the same building – long story – decides to do the garden?

I know what it says to me: she has no intention of leaving. Planting roots, so to speak. But this gardening thing is somewhat irksome. It only ever happens either after I have been working in the garden or, when I have been away with my daughter for a while on holiday. We usually come back to find a plant or two has been purchased, still in their pots and more often than not, left there until they either rot or I plant them out, usually too late and they die anyway.

I know its fast coming to Spring and the weather is beginning to improve but still, I cannot get my head around the fact that ‘Ms Jean Brodie’ insists on spending the occasional half hour pottering around moving things, sweeping and the odd placement of a flower or two. Why?

My daughter is fast approaching her 18th birthday, next year she will hopefully progress to university and that will mean she will most likely move away: a day I am dreading with all my heart. Some say, ‘liberation’, your time is your own once again. But I don’t see it that way. The past 17 years has all been about caring for my daughter, the taking her to nursery, then to infant school and then juniors every morning and collecting her every afternoon. Preparing her packed lunches every morning, and then once at secondary school, ensuring I was home when she returned to find something to eat, and then preparing the evening meal.

In between time, there was obviously the countless hours spent watching her favourite TV shows, from the very early days of children’s programmes to latterly engaging in some of her favourite video games. There cannot be many 50 year old’s who know all about Zelda and have actually completed all the games. These are priceless memories which I will always cherish and ones I wouldn’t have missed for all the world.

However, this is all about to come to an end as she prepares to ‘fly the nest’ and I am kind of expecting her mother to follow her somewhere close by. At least, that’s what I’m hoping will happen.  It makes little sense for her mother to remain in a house and in an area where she has no friends, they all live miles away. She doesn’t appear to have full time employment, so there’s nothing to keep her here, except: she doesn’t have to pay rent, gas, electricity, water and to a certain degree, food either. So, moving away would hit her in her pocket and will be something of a culture shock.

Coupled with the fact that she keeps on messing around in the garden every so often is disturbing. It could be nothing but I have a horrible suspicion she has no intention of moving out.


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