Trouble and strife




Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more complicated, the proverbial hits the fan and throws everything upside down at home with further trouble and strife.

Having a relationship whilst the mother of your child still lives in the same house as you is tough enough.  It tough on your partner, its tough on your child although, she has coped admirably up to now, and of course its tough on yours truly.

You might ask and rightly possibly, its tough on the mother of your child,  but considering the benefits she gets from remaining in the house, food, bills, roof over her head, I’m not concerned for her at all. That might seem callous, but its tough for me to have to prepare meals and sit round the table watching her eat my food, make small talk and pretend that we all get along. Even though, my daughter knows only too well its a farce.

What’s even harder is when my partner is with us as well. Then we have four people sitting around the table playing happy families, with both women despising each other. I prefer not to engage at all in any conversation with my daughter’s mother, whilst my partner prefers to explore in polite but mangled pleasantries.

This has endured for the past six, nearly seven years. All the while, my partner has retreated during the week back to her own home. However, all this is about to change as she has been forced out of her home by her uncles, who as executors of her late father have somehow managed to force the sale of her father’s home to honour an alleged debt to them.

It is truly amazing just how far greed and avarice can grip the rich and famous especially when its your own family (partner’s not mine). Leaving the particulars aside, mainly for legal reasons, this now presents the painful decision as to where my partner will live.

Of course, I would like nothing more than for her to move in with me with its obvious implications, not least, where the heck does one put all her belongings? It is also not lost on everyone that having both my partner and the mother of my child living in the same house will be a fraught affair if not a little strange to say the least.

I feel the next year or so will be some of the most testing to date and am not sure of the outcome.


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