Anxious times

Time is passing and exams are fast approaching in preparation, hopefully, for life at university. This is for me like all families, an anxious time as we watch our children go through the mill revising, testing, studying and freaking out almost on a daily basis.

Worse still, there is little if anything one can do to ease the suffering other than offer moral support, which is not always appreciated. So, my heart goes out to all parents having to watch their precious ones undergo these next few months of mental torture.

On a more positive note, I have learned that the mother of my child is supposedly preparing to move out once my daughter leaves home and move somewhere close to her chosen university. I have not heard this directly, but via a third party.

So, after 18 years, finally, I may have my liberty and be able to get on with my life and she, equally as important, get on with hers. However, there is a slight caveat insomuch as whilst my daughter and I and my partner were away recently, we came home only to find a number of garden plants in pots in the garden?

This, I would argue, is a slightly odd way to behave if indeed, she is planning to leave by the end of the year if not in a few months.  and, before anyone suggests why not ask her what is going on: I never get a straight answer to any question and those I do get never turn out to be true. All very odd.



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